Kenya - Big Game Reserve
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Lioness Yawning

Kenya is all about the Safari; in fact the Kenyan's pretty much invented it. ‘Safari’ means ‘Journey’ in Kiswahili and you'd find it tricky not to stumble upon one of the National Parks or conservancies during a trip to Kenya, there are fifty nine after all!

Renowned for their dedication to protection, the Kenya Wildlife Service keeps the National Parks full of all the famed wildlife you would expect from the safari capital of the world. Protected, conserved and with a hunting ban expertly enforced these parks will be around for all to enjoy for years to come.

To pick a ‘must-see’ is almost impossible, they all are! But some of the parks are famous the world over...

The Maasai Mara Makes It

The big one at 1,672 sq. kilometres and home of the big cats, The Maasai Mara National Park keeps Africa's largest population of lions. Every September over two-million wildebeest stampede across the Mara River as they migrate to the north bank in search of greener pastures, definitely a sight not to be missed.

Super Samburu

Escape the crowds at the Samburu National Park. If the proximately to backdrop of epic movie ‘Born Free’ isn't enough to tempt you the wildlife certainly will. Leopards, giraffes and the giraffe's closest relative the Gerenuk can all be found here, be sure to catch the very unusually tinted elephants who enjoy a role in the red earth.

Living Lake Nakuru

Nakuru, or ‘place of the waterbuck’, is something of an exclusive area for water dwellers. Flamingos and rhinos are regular visitors not to mention the rest of the gang. Buffalo, zebra and the very rare Rothschild giraffe all spend time here.

National Nairobi

A city with a very special selling point, herds of zebra, giraffe, lion and rhino roam against a city skyline in the Nairobi National Park. The recently opened visitors centre ensures a close encounter with Kenya's wildlife treasures so get off the plane and heed the call of the wild.