Kenya - Eco-Leader
Eco Leader

We all want to keep Kenya's ecological and artistic resources safe for generations to come and it's not just Kenyan's who can help out. Guests hoping to get involved have a wealth of opportunities from volunteering in remote villages to learning about animal conservation, there's plenty to do. Don't think you'll just be an observer either; visitors really can make a difference by supporting Kenya's flourishing network of eco-friendly tourism partners:

Eco Tourism Kenya

Founded in 1996, Eco-Tourism Kenya promotes eco and sustainable tourism practices in Kenya awarding certificates to tourism facilities which meet it's environmental criteria.

Staying one step ahead of the pack (literally!) the Kenya Wildlife Service has been striving since 1991 to conserve and protect some of Kenya’s most treasured ecological sites. The Service’s Elephant Programme alone has increased the elephant population by 14,000.


To keep green but maintain comfort choose from eco-sleep options where luxury lodges and tented retreats work with local communities to provide sustainable stays without sacrificing comfort.

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