Just a drop

Launched at World Travel Market in 1998, Just a Drop has since undertaken 92 water aid projects and helped one and a half million children and their families in 29 countries, with the mission statement Safe Water = Saved Lives.

From humble beginnings their first project was in partnership with the British Red Cross in North Gondar, Ethiopia. To date the many projects they have carried out include schemes across India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Niger, Senegal, Zambia and Kenya.

Since 2005 Just a Drop has funded many projects in Kenya, providing water and sanitation facilities, the two things we automatically take for granted, to two different projects in Kenya:

One of Just a Drop's recent projects in Kenya was the Westgate primary school. The school has a population of over 250 children and growing and has doubled over the last eighteen months. Some 60% of the children board at the school in very basic conditions; the determination of their semi-pastoral families to have their children educated means they leave their village at 6/7 years. The daily requirement for fresh water, especially early in the morning means that young children often clash for this scarce resource with villagers and their livestock. The main issue however is the common interaction between the children and wildlife occasionally with a tragic outcome.

Working closely with the local community, Just a Drop was able to provide the funds and expertise to overcome this desperate situation.

The children can now spend their time studying rather than making that dangerous journey to the river. And as their education and then job prospects improve the future begins to become brighter.

Please take a look at the film which was recently taken at Westgate primary school earlier this year.

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